Dental training, dental courses, dental education and live workshops have always been a great pleasure and joy for me. I like to soak up knowledge and I am happy at the same time passing it on in these areas where I have trained myself over the decades. Here in this dental online portal I would like to transfer and pass my knowledge about dental photography, dental documentation and presentation which I have shared with over 1000 participants in live workshops since 2002. Further more I would like to talk and teach about dental function and occlusion. Especially in the concept of Prof. Rudolph Slavicek. With over 15 years of experience as well as many international courses held on the topic of sequential occlusion and functional morphology I look back on many cases of functional treatment and the occlusal concept according to Slavicek. All Webinars and online courses are on demand available on

function lecture teaser

occlusion and functional basics in treatment have probably never been more important than today. The analog is getting more and […]

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online hands on course

Did you ever join an online on demand hands on course? This is how we are doing, organizing and timing […]

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dental photography

dental photography is an very important tool in dentistry. Not only for some show pics but more for a practical […]

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out of the lab

This is where the dental online lectures take place. Talking about daily cases an problems – directly out of the […]

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