Another cornerstone are templates for implantation, which, after extensive simulation of the desired situation in wax, show the implantologist the optimal position for perfect toothing. Another point on the way of preparation are so-called mok-ups or temporary bowls. Ultra-thin plastic shells that are intended to simulate the aesthetics and phonetics of the later reconstruction and serve as an optimal basis for discussion for the patient and the dental technician.


Now that we have put together a detailed diagnosis and the appropriate plan, the ultimate goal is to make the reconstruction as natural as possible.

Have you ever looked at your own natural teeth in great detail? Transparencies, blue, white, ivory, warm, cold, opalescence – everything can be found in one tooth.

Therefore, a detailed color and characteristics analysis precedes the completion. In order to achieve this naturalness as best as possible, we have special porcelain that is layered in order to imitate the effects of nature and then fired in a ceramic furnace. Why are teeth now unique? Because of the color? Partly.