From the diagnostic wax-up of a „malocclusion“ to the final restoration

The wax-up seminars are geared towards and intended for dental technicians and dentists who want to translate their aesthetic-functional treatment plan into the final restoration.

From the outlined initial planning through the initial therapy to the efficient transfer of the diagnostic wax-up to the definitive reconstruction, all situations are discussed and worked on practically.

In these seminars, the principles of diagnostic waxup class I, 2,3 and crossbite are explained and trained in detail.

Core items:

* Waxup principles

* Occlusal planes and Speekurve in the planning (theory + practice)

* Waxup – procedure (theory + practice)

* Cusp inclination, sequential guidance and the concept of the disocclusion angle

* anterior guidance, grades 1, 2, 3, crossbite (theory + practice)

* Waxup / setup in everyday practice

* Implementation of planning in treatment

(Course language: German & English)

Dates and prices on request