Instrumental functional analysis and treatment planning

The instrumental functional analysis plays an important role in the diagnostic process and treatment planning. Based on the findings of the instrumental analysis, the occlusal concept can be adapted to the needs of the individual patient case. The pre-planned occlusal design in relation to the Spee and Wilson curve, position and inclination of the cusps, the anterior control and the sequential concept according to Prof. Rudolf Slavicek can be visualized and learned. The aim of the course is to use the knowledge and the possibility of model analysis to supplement a clinical functional analysis with practical precision.

Core items:

* Articulate programming with Cadiax

* Occlusal planes and Speekurve in planning

* Diagnostic grinding

* Cusp inclination, sequential guidance and the concept of the disocclusion angle

* Anterior tooth check!

* Waxup / setup in everyday practice

* Implementation of planning in treatment

(Course language: German & English)

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