Course content:

You have already attended a photography course – you know the absolute basics and are generally satisfied with your pictures.

But there are still some specific questions. Would you like to get started with „Digital Smile Design“? You would like to find out more about the 100% quality through RAW processing and professional-looking portraits should be even easier.

You would like to know more about perfect image archiving, you are interested in the introduction and use of image editing programs such as Photoshop.

Would you also enjoy optimizing and working through your own showcase cases under supervision? And that has been adapted to everyday dental practice in a practical manner?

Then there is a tooth picture. ADVANCED just the thing for you.

The course includes the following topics:

Perfect photography

• Photo reviews and analyzes

• Photographing your own work / models in six mini studios

• Opportunities for optimization in intraoral photography

• Special shots

The photo status for the „Digital Smile Design“ according to Dr. Christian Coachman
The digital darkroom

• Introduction to RAW processing

• Everything about digital asset management

• Digital image archiving with Iview, Fotostation, ACDSee and Bridge

Free work with assistance

• Optimizing your own recordings

• Creation of individual archiving structures

For the course, you will need a camera, a notebook, your own work or models for taking photos, as well as image material for discussion and editing.

Basic knowledge in dealing with the PC should be available. Previous knowledge of image processing and archiving programs is not necessary.

(Course language: German & English)

Dates and prices on request