No architect starts building without a plan. In our case, based on the model analysis and the clinical findings, the later possible restoration is built up on the plaster models in wax. Based on the individual parameters that were created by measuring the temporomandibular joints and by remote x-ray side images. The clarification of all the details provides a great deal of security in the preparation of the complex, definitive restoration.


Especially with more extensive work, it is essential that the patient, dentist and dental technician have the certainty that a satisfactory, long-lasting result will be achieved.

A chewing system must work like a gear system. One thing interferes with the other. If a wheel no longer runs smoothly, is damaged or has never worked, everyone else suffers. Since this is a very complex process in nature, a thorough analysis is required.

The chewing system is our stress relief valve. It can be – but it should work. If it doesn’t work, too many muscles and other structures involved are under increased stress – which can also manifest itself in headaches. If you would walk on tiptoe for a whole day, muscle soreness would also be the result, only then you know how …

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