Course description:

Teeth are not jewels, but they can appear that way. Pictures can inform and present.

The aim of the courses is to stage your documentation in such a way that it corresponds to the quality of your work and, in addition to conveying information, also transports emotion.

In photography that accompanies treatment, it is important to you not to simply “snap off” workflows and patient status, but “to put them in the limelight” without losing time in the daily work rhythm.

In the photography course you will get to know all aspects of image effect and optimization. You learn to pay attention to seemingly unimportant details. In theory and practice you will learn the essentials about z. B. light guidance, reflection, recording angle, recording technology and the processing of your data.

Whether you are already taking photos, but are not always satisfied with the results, or whether you are just starting out with dental photography, is of secondary importance.

Core items:

Basic knowledge of photography, equipment (camera, light), laboratory recording technology, practical recording technology, tips and tricks for better image results, image optimization, avoiding image chaos through strategic image archiving and management, handling the digital camera for dental photography (practical), taking photos in the mini-studio and on the patient (practically)






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