Dental photography. Stage documentaries.

Documenting your work is becoming more and more important. Because your ability is your capital - and that is what you need to put in the limelight. For self-control, for the audience, but above all for your patients or those who are to become one.
Develop your own routines and your individual standards in order to skilfully present material, technology and the creation of optimal results. As simple and accurate as the name "zahnbild." the courses are structured - practical and efficient for perfect pictures. Use the possibilities of digital photography.

We'll show you how.






Photography, also digital, is an object, light and the time in which the light transmits the object into the camera. It does this through the optics (correct lens) and becomes the exposure time. "

If you know, it's easy.

Routines and Methods

In your work you have created routines so that all services are kept at a consistently high level. When taking photos, you can benefit from existing methods and establish the best results as the standard. Because your photo documentation should do justice to your work. Others are supposed to bungle.

All around or a minor matter

Even with the best camera, the fundamentals of photography have to be internalized in order to create impressive images. There are no secrets, but very simple tricks that you will easily master. For example, no matter how professional your camera is, it still does not retouch spit, nor can it assess image details or shooting angles ... Often the surrounding area is not a minor matter - but what separates the wheat from the chaff.

Make an impact

With your representative pictures you will acquire and commission dentures, advise patients and train employees. You can of course also publish them on the Internet, create an image CD or include them in specialist presentations - your marketing begins here.

The small differences

Of course, the equipment also contributes to the result. Whether camera, mini studio or light - it doesn't always have to be the most expensive. The best for your own dental photography also works. Your requirements and circumstances are the focus of the consultation.


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    on demand online waxup course
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    Slavicek Concept in digital dentistry

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    Basic Principles of Slaviceks concept

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    Basic Principles of Slaviceks concept