function first

The understanding of function has never been more important than it is today. Having to correct the occlusion in the mouth with a full zirconia crown makes neither sense nor fun. To think of a case with over 20 parts that has not been pretreated and in which the occusion does not fit – horror. Materials are no longer forgiving. And nobody can seriously wonder why the case doesn’t work if you only have library teeth adjusted by the computer. It is, of course, easier – head off, computer on, occlusal reduction “click”.
And furthermore why do we see so many cases every day, where dentist and technician have probably tried but fail functionally or crack. And now we have to re-do. This seems an endless list, and so many possibilities to fail.

I was always wondering about different functional and occlusal concepts. Some say everyone should get his “young-aged” teeth back. Even with 65?! Really?

Or doesn’t it feel like dancing on tiptoes when you wax up a morphology and place contact points on ridges which look like little “backpacks” ?!

Why a some functional concepts are always aiming for class 1 dental relation?

These questions lead me to the Slavicek Concept, the Prof. Slavicek’s functional understanding.
“That Nature is not interested in concepts. Nature is just interested in function.”

And sometimes a so called Mal-function can be changed in a very well functioning malfunction. This concept is not easy, no shortcut, no straight road. But simply brilliant. If one understands the idea and leans how to deal with the concept, he can adapt on every single case for a functional result that is as close as possible to perfection or excellence!